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20 Oct


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We all learned: if we want to build a profitable online business we need to generate lots of traffic to our website and then convert that traffic into buyers. Writing articles is one of the most effective methods to attract website visitors.

If a reader values the content we write they will often pass it on to their friends through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or the new Chime.In.  If we include the right keywords in our content, people will find our articles in the search engines. This is free traffic that flows continuously to our website.

And so we wrote blog after blog, article after article and if we were really savvy writers, we re-wrote these articles even and submitted them to eZines or “content farms” for free, adding our web links and hoped that readers would click on these links and come to our website to buy books or whatever we offer there.
eZines and all these content farms, like 101,, All About…, are a really profitable business – alas not for the writers that create all the content there, but for the owners of these websites…

Not anymore:
Now it is possible to write 5,000 (better 10,000) to 30,000 word articles, Amazon calls them “Kindle Singles” and sell them online. A prominent author of these Kindle Singles is Stephen King, with his Single “Mile 81” the current top seller (as of this writing). So, instead of submitting our work for free to content farms, we sell those articles at the internet giant Amazon website and receive 70% royalties, even for Singles priced under Dollar 2.99.  To be precise for Singles priced between 99 cents and $4.99

Other criteria’s are:
• Original work, not previously published in other formats or publications
• Self-contained work, not chapters excerpted from a longer work
• Not published on any public website in its entirety
• But they are currently not accepting how-to manuals, public domain works, reference books, travel guides, or children’s books!!!

If you are an author and already published a Single at Amazon, let us know about your experience and success.



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