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18 Oct












Frankfurter Buchmesse






The world’s biggest book exhibition, the Frankfurt Book Fair, will take place in Frankfurt/Main, Germany from October, 10. till 14. October 2012.
Mark your calendar!

To accurately describe the Frankfurt Book Fair, one word cannot be avoided: “overwhelming.” The numbers alone are daunting: 9 huge show buildings, more than 6700 exhibitors, publishers from 100 countries, and a stunning 150,000 attendees. With excellent train / metro services, ample hotel space, and the famous German efficiency, Frankfurt is the perfect place for such an event.

What better place for independent publishers to show off their books? By exhibiting your book in a cooperative booth, your titles may “potentially” generate foreign rights interest from any number of publishers. Prices are $175 per title or $ 600 for a shelf with 5 books.

Foreword Reviews is only one of several companies who offer this kind of service for publishers and independent authors.  Other exhibitor booths that can be used by independent publishers include:

These companies are also exhibiting at the

  • Sharija International Book Fair
  • Bejing International Book Fair
  • Bologna Children’s Book Fair
  • London International Book Fair
  • Book Expo America (BEA) in New York
  • American Library Association (ALA)

Why should you participate? 
Book trade shows are commonly known as book fairs and serve several purposes:  They provide a venue for publishers to display new titles to an audience of librarians, foreign publishers and booksellers, they enable publishers of all sizes including indie publishers to showcase titles in front of foreign rights agents to discuss “possible” rights deals and they serve as a “book event” enabling all forms of media, software develops, printers, wholesalers etc. to exhibit and to discuss book-publishing news.

If you cannot attend these international book fairs in person it might be a way to show your book to the publishing world – but no guarantees…




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