Marketing Tool: Galleys

18 Oct


What is a Galley or a Bound Galley?

Publishers provide free copies of new titles to booksellers, journalists and even celebrities as a marketing tool. They are normally distributed three and six months before the book is officially released to reviewers, magazines, and even libraries and book stores. These editions often lack the final dust jacket, formatting or binding of the finished product. Endorsements from celebrity readers or journalist will then be added to the final cover and to other promotional items.

A galley is simply a collection of unbound book pages. A bound galley is a galley that has been bound into book form. Bound galleys are generally produced after a manuscript has been typeset but before proofreading, and are used by publicists to send to book reviewers, distributors and book clubs that like to see a copy of the book three or four months before its official publication date.

How many bound galleys will I need and where to send them?
Around 30 copies to send to prepublication reviewers – or you can hand them out in person at the BEA in New York or the Frankfurt Book Fair.  If it’s not the type of book likely to be reviewed by major media, you may not need any at all.  Where you send bound galleys depends on the type and topic of the book you’re publishing. Send copies to major book clubs in your genre, to trade magazines in your topic area, and others who might influence sales.

Recipients of bound galleys might be:

Information essentials that need to be included:

  • Author and publication date
  • ISBN
  • publisher name and contact information
  • price
  • number of pages and of illustrations
  • trim size
  • distributor and contact
  • contact name and information for the publicist

Digital galleys are not intended as a replacement for the print galley. In many cases digital will supplement and promote print. But many publishers are already using digital galleys creatively in their marketing, publicity and sales efforts. It is only a matter of time until everyone will accept online galleys…

Time to take galleys online where they belong. 
It will save money and time, not to mention the environment, it will eliminate the fake ‘four month window’ during authors and publishers you have to sit on their books.  It might even generate advance buzz amongst readers. Traditional publishers can learn from savvy self-publishers on the internet.

Read more about this pre-publication tool.



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