Are you a Reluctant Marketer for your Book?

04 Sep

Do you avoid the social and selling aspects of self-publishing and promotion?  Discover an easy and free way to promote your book.  It’s still the #1 top way: writing and submitting articles to eZines and web sites in your field and having a link to your book order page.  Follow the Internet way — give your article away as samples, so people will want to visit the site where you sell your book.

Here some tips for your articles:

  • Use your book’s chapter excerpts
  • Keep your articles around 300-600 words each
  • Keep your article focused on just one thesis or point
  • Number the main points; people love easy-to-read tips
  • Leverage one article into three. Change your audience
  • Create a hook for a two or three-sentence introduction. Always good are questions to engage readers
  • Remember: free information is the reason why people go to web sites, so put your articles there as well as in a blog

    Lamp by Jiri Dokoupil

Just some of many eZines on the Internet:

Once you get lots of short articles out to eZines or top web sites in your field, you will notice that the search engines are ranking your site much higher, because they find your important key words that link to you and your book. Marketing at its best!



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