Part IV Free – Inexpensive Photo Sources

29 Aug







I am sure you have read my former blogs about totally FREE images, today’s listing is starting with 
very inexpensive photo sources, down to the mid- and high-end photo providers. At the end of todays blog see the explanation for “royalty-free” and “rights-managed” images.
An inventory of more than 2 million images is a good place to search for photos. Prices are very low if you buy purchase credit blocs, starting at $0.99 or $2.99 for purchases “as you go”.
Their site is available in several languages, such as German, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese and it says: “Search among 11 million photos”. Images are ranging from free – although very few – to $5 or more. If you buy their credits in bulk, photos can be as low as 20 cents an image.
Fotolia has access to more than 14 million images, subscription photos start at $ 0.16 for very small photos or as a single purchase from $0.75.
2,5 million royalty-free stock photos, retrieved from more than 50 images sites including Getty images. The site is available in eight languages, even in Japanese, and with prices in their currency. High quality images in a huge selection. Most images are between $1-$5 and you can buy credits in blocks. They have royalty-free stock photos, illustrations, videos and website backgrounds.
By subscription only!!! For $15 one can download up to 250 images per week, a 1-year subscription is only $160 = more than 12.000 photos! They have more than 10 million pieces of royalty-free photos, clip art, Web graphics, illustrations and fonts that are available via subscription.


And here are the mid- to high-end prized photos:
10 Million rights-managed and royalty-free photographs and illustrations from more than 90 publishers around the world.  Images start at $50 and go up from there and are available on CD or via download.
They were the first stock photo company going online in 1995 with its catalogue and images. Getty Images has an inventory of more than 24 million images and is a source for many newspapers and media outlets, but also has affordable stock photography beginning at $50.
Outstanding photographs for the higher end digital media market, even so their value images start at $15 and many of their royalty-free images can be purchased for use on the web, starting at $50. They also offer a great variety of maps as images.

Royalty Free Images
These images are images can be used multiple times, for almost any usage Royalty-Free image pricing is based only on size (not usage) and there are never additional fees for using the image.

Rights-Managed Images
Means: licensed for a specific use. The fee for these images is calculated from several factors including size, placement, duration, and geographic location. Rights-managed images are licensed for a specific use and cannot be used for any other purpose, e.g. if you bought them for a book cover, you cannot use them for a magazine article.



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One response to “Part IV Free – Inexpensive Photo Sources

  1. Somnath Day

    June 14, 2013 at 10:19 am

    I have downloaded 10 images for my website from Just spent dollar 5 and still some fund reaming in my account. Really nice royalty free Stock Photos website. Also I can see live preview of image before download it.


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