Will AmazonEncore titles be sold in stores?

13 Aug

  Maria Murnane

AmazonEncore Author

AmazonEncore Author

AmazonEncore Book Berry Bibel
AmazonEncore Book Berry Bibel
AmazonEncore Author
AmazonEncore Author

No questions, there is a tense relationship between bricks-and-mortar stores and Amazon.  Here are some voices of independent booksellers:

“We will not stock physical books in our stores if we are not offered the available digital format”.

“My store has sold some AmazonEncore titles after customers requested them, and if we could get Amazon Publishing titles through Ingram “at normal terms, we would carry their books. Generally our position on carrying a book is, if we can get it at 35% or better, and if it’s returnable, we’ll order it.”

A number of independent booksellers said they will NOT sell Amazon books, no matter what. “I am not doing that, stock their books and give them more money to put me out of business.”


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