e-Books Deserve Better

12 Aug

Amazon Kindle DX

Why do e-books need professional editing and careful conversion?  And why do I have to close some e-books in disgust? Have a look at an email I just sent to a PCWorld writer:

“… Better advice your readers in self-publishing articles to get a professional editor, or at least an English language professional, to polish the text of their upcoming book.  Your advice to use a spelling check or friends, family to prepare a book for e-publishing is not a good one. These sloppy and careless “authors”, who want to go on the “cheap” are bringing e-books in disrepute!”

I sometimes start to read an e-book and delete it in the first five minutes, because it is so full of typos and so badly conversed. Professional e-book conversion and book design don’t cost much.

What do you think?



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One response to “e-Books Deserve Better

  1. Laura

    August 13, 2011 at 6:36 pm

    Friends and family aren’t sufficient to edit (or even just proofread) anything meant to be read by the public — unless they’re professional editors. And finding competent professionals is getting harder and harder these days. Too many folks who call themselves have no training in the art and science of editing.


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