Additional Income for Writers

10 Jul

Copyright Royalties

Everyone copies books and papers in schools, businesses and Government agencies to obtain the valuable content they need to get their jobs done. But are Authors of these works compensated?

Copyright Agencies in Canada, UK, Germany, USA, just to name a few, are collecting money, which goes to their registered members for secondary uses of their work. These include such things as photocopying, cable retransmission, digital reproduction and educational recording. All of this income is typically made up of small transactions that are difficult for individual writers to monitor, but can be tracked by these organizations.

They also campaign on behalf of writers, both on a national and an international level and ensure that writers receive fair and adequate payment for the use of their work.

By registering you will be paid whenever they find your works copied and will passing the royalties on to you.  Additionally, Canadian writers are also eligible to receive an annual Payback payment, depending on how much they contributed to the repertoire of works licensed by Access Copyright.




General Info of “The World Intellectual Property Organization” (WIPO)



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