Free e-Books as Marketing tools

03 Jul

Create Contagious Marketing

You can use your ebook or parts of it – or a shortened version to tap a constant source of targeted prospects as a tool for generating traffic and leads…. Give it for FREE!

If you give permission to “share” (and sometimes without…), your “file” gets passed around from person to person!  Your e-book becomes a viral marketing machine!  People will download and distribute your free e-book, and spread it across the Internet like wildfire along with your author name / brand!  And since your eBook book (hopefully) contains lots of hyperlinks, they are given the opportunity to visit your site.

You can also offer your ebook:

  • As a gift to your current clients who participated in a survey,
  • As a prize in a contest you’re conducting with your affiliates,
  • As a “thank you” for subscribers who joined your newsletter
  • As a bonus to an existing offer and to build perceived value.

Your ebook subtly promotes you, your business or your expertise. Plus, your book is more credible since it doesn’t appear like an outright commercial! Ebooks can also become powerful lead generators, because those who visit your website after reading your book are already interested in the topic.



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