Book Covers are Marketing Tools

03 Jul
Book Cover

Book Cover

How important are covers in terms of selling a paper or an e-book? 
Covers are the number one. Three aspects of a book make the greatest first impression on potential readers:

  • The cover
  • The title
  • The opening sentence

If the cover art does its job well, it will portray the tone and genre of the book accurately—and help it stand out from its competition on the bookshelf.  An interesting and compelling cover often means an interesting and compelling read.

Covers are very much the domain of marketing. They target major buyers as much as end-readers. It’s a fact that buyers for the chain stores will order more copies of a book they find visually appealing, so their opinion counts, even to the extent that publishers will entirely change a book’s cover if an influential buyer doesn’t like it.




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One response to “Book Covers are Marketing Tools

  1. Michael Kellner

    April 30, 2012 at 4:23 pm

    True enough.


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