Statistics help you to more web traffic

02 Jul
Web Traffic in Cyberspace

Web Traffic in Cyberspace

Analyze your web site statistics to learn how people reach you today

One of the greatest things about the Web is that you can track every click on your site through analytic tools.

One is the report that tells you the sites that link to you. Often called a “referral report,” it may tell you a bunch of search engines have sent impressive numbers of visitors your way. Dig deeper and you may discover sites that have set up links to your content. Strike partnership deals with similar sites to drive traffic your way. Inbound links from related sites not only drive qualified visitors to your site, they also give search engines additional links to crawl and more ways to find your site, which can ultimately improve page ranking and allow search engines to measure your importance on the web.

The most important report for search engine marketing analysis is called the “search query report” or something similar. This report provides the phrases that people have entered into a search engine to reach your site. Study this information. It will give you great insight into how your buyers are reaching you today and will give you some good ideas for developing new phrases for optimization.

You can test some of those phrases with Word Tracker, Overture Keyword Selector or Google AdWords Keyword, tools that can help you understand the relative traffic you can expect from a phrase, as well as related phrases that might be used.

Don’t forget usability
Contrast that with the delight you feel when, after clicking a prominent link in your search results, you’re provided exactly what you wanted.  In this respect, search engine marketing and effective content landing page strategies can brand your organization as a valuable resource. Smart search strategies can enhance an organization’s positive reputation by showing thought leadership in the marketplace of ideas.

At’s website, we rarely stop and think about how quickly we’re able to determine not just whether Amazon sells the item, but what price it is, whether it’s in stock, how long it takes to ship, and whether or not it’s available cheaper through a partner or used reseller.

Make it easy for people to get what they need, and they’re likely to bookmark your online commerce site. And next time, possibly, they’ll skip the search engine and start with your site!



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